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Arbortech woodworking tools arbortech is an australian company engaged in the research, development and manufacturing of innovative technologies. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on youtube. It is easy to use and removes wood at a rapid rate how heavy handed you wish to be is only limited by the. We offer software, stand and dust system with vacuum 4th axis. Arbortech is an australian company specializing in woodworking and masonry power tools. The standard 4 power carving blades work great for most large power carving projects, but they dont provide a whole lot a of pinpoint accuracy. The first woodworking product designed and developed by arbortech was.

Genuine brand new arbortech allsaw belts, no longer needed, does not come in original packaging. Dec 22, 2016 i use the large turboplane to remove excess wood and use the smaller one in tighter areas. Resume design cv template example design instant download easter marry. Its heavy 3mm 18 inch thick steel blade has three tungsten carbide tips designed for fast trimming work on wood based materials and nonferrous metals. When you have a tool designed to cutgrind wood, foam, flesh it is essential for saftey to make sure it will shut off when it needs too.

They keep developing new products to make your carving more of a pleasure. Start your own business today or just a great hobby. The industrial woodcarver is the professional choice in rotary woodcarving. This is a great tool, in spite of being rather expensive. For more information, contact arbortech, 8665177869. The tool also has a ring shaped blade that is selfsharpening, rotatable and replaceable. The compact size offers detailed carving capabilities and manoeuvrability.

Gene messers carving videos woodcarving illustrated. All arbortech woodworking tools are designed with free form power carving in mind. When youre working on a project that demands detailed, precise work, you may want to consider the arbortech mini grinder. In fact, the harder the wood, the better the industrial woodcarver works. Educarve classroom packages carvewright racing system. You do us all an incredible service by producing these videos. It can reach into areas, where the standard arbortech will not work. Kit and tool tuesdays arbortech mini turbo wood carving.

Just make sure the blank is firmly clamped down so you can use both hands on the angle grinder. Dec 23, 2016 by bob duncan arbortechs new contour random sander dramatically reduces the sanding time for any size carving. Kit and tool tuesdays arbortech mini turbo archive. Youtube weed, outdoor power equipment, youtube, firewood, projects. Since their first product release, they have positioned themselves in the marketplace as a progressive company offering unique woodworking and masonry cutting power tools. The turboshafttm is arbortech s latest power carving attachment for your angle grinder.

It is a powerful cutter and hopefully the tungsten will remain sharp for a while. This is an abridged version of the project in limewood uk, basswood us which you can see by. Ideal for free form carving in small to medium wood projects carve in any direction without compromising on control learn more. If you enjoy relief carving, try out the arbortech buddha face carving project for yourself.

I began with the industrial and then switched over to their pro carver 4 which was a 6 tooth hss carver for its ease of sharpening and lower cost. Gene messers carving videos gene, im happy to help out. Follow the simple steps below and download the template or watch the. Condition is used but good no dentsnicks to the cutting edge dispatched with royal mail 2nd class. This unique tool, made to fit most 100mm or 115mm angle grinders, is precision machined from high quality steel and fitted with three tungsten carbide teeth. Boston cambridge newton, manh spokane spokane valley, wa. Arbortech industrial woodcarver pro kit, w depth guard. The arbortech woodworking range of products was first developed in 1988 for woodworkers to sculpt and shape wood in any direction. In this video youll learn step by step how to carve a relief portrait of your favorite dog. The turboplane differs from the industrial woodcarver in that its capable of a much finer cut. Find great deals on ebay for arbortech and arbortech ball gouge. The first woodworking product designed and developed by.

The arbortech tuff cut universal cutting blade is a great tool for tradesmen and doityourselfers. On the 20th of august, the arbortech courtyard in perth western australia was once again transformed into an outdoor art gallery, with staff members showcasing their talent and pieces of work in the 2016 arbortech woodworking competition. Arbortech woodworking arbortech woodcarving tools australia. Arbortech produces revolutionary woodworking power tools and attachments that carry a reputation for. Carving a folkart eagle with the arbortech minigrinder duration. The release of the turbo plane and contour sander take the finishing to a new level. You can also see some carving projects using the arbortech range. After selecting a piece of wood, they set about designing and carving their vision. Mit diesen profiwerkzeugen sind ihre kreativitat keine grenzen mehr gesetzt. Arbortech complete mini grinder carving kit power angle.

Arbortech turbomini mini turbo woodcarving blade kit vek tools. They are efficient and fun alternatives to traditional woodworking tools, helping woodworkers, wood artists and sculptors around the world achieve more in less time. Arbortech power carver kit featuring 2 chisels arbortech tools this power tool comes with a 710 watt power tool, two chisels 34 inch 20 mm wide flat and gouge and a 15ml bottle of high pressure maintenance lubricant. The arbortech turbo plane is a universal wood shaping blade that can be used. Arbortech pro4 woodcarver hand tools arbortech arbortech pro4 woodcarver. Carving projects arbortech woodworking competition 2016. We normally deal with returns within hours and you will receive an email confirmation once we have processed it. Learn about arbortech wood carving power tools to give you a whole new range of possibilities with your carving projects. It can be used either directly on th javascript seems to be disabled in your browser. The 2 inch diameter hardened steel mini carver blade together with the 6 inch long extension neck allows for rapid stock removal and access into confined spaces. Not only is the tool long lasting, its high performance makes it the most efficient tool of its calibre. I nearly gave this a 4 star rating but based on performance alone it definitely deserves 5 stars. Arbortech woodcarver wproguard power angle grinders. Arbortech contour random sander woodcarving illustrated.

I am now going to buy the arbortech mini grinder adapter for an angle grinder as the next piece i am going to do has more details that will require finer work. Jan 25, 2018 pro4 woodcarver arbortech wood carving blade 3. Uses for the mini grinder include shaping, sculpting, trenching, and more. The arbortech mini carver is a tool much appreciated by professional and amateur carvers alike. The sander, which attaches to an angle grinder, allows you to quickly sand all but the smallest of carvings. The mini grinder is excellent for carving and shaping fine detailed woodwork. Arbortech was incorporated in 1988 with the release of the woodcarver blade, a revolutionary product that allows the user to powerfully shape wood using freehand techniques. Jan 27, 2016 digital wood carver how to install and setup your vectric software 2020.

Arbortech as160 for sale in uk 25 used arbortech as160. The new arbortech power chisel operates at 12,000 strokes per minute providing smooth action and excellent control to make quick work of laborintensive operations. The industrial woodcarver blade carves the hardest and the softest wood with equal smoothness, efficiency and control. A high powered reciprocating chisel will save you time and reduce fatigue while working on everything from detailed carvings to rough work. Designed to complement the arbortech turbo range or as a stand alone tool, the turboshafttm provides. Arbortech mini grinder canadian woodworking magazine. The arbortech mini carver is smaller version of the famous arbortech pro blade is much appreciated by professional carvers. Arbortech tools woodcarving tools from arbortech with. A range of revolutionary woodworking attachments ideal. Ive learned a lot from watching and following along with your videos, and i often want to find a particular one. The soft rubber base of the sander adapts to the contour of the carving.

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