Chicago blues vs delta blues

Robert johnson, howlin wolf, earl hooker, snooky pror, skip james, muddy waters, mississippi fred mc dowell, son house, james cotton and a host of others. With the migrants came the delta blues that was the foundation of the classic postwar chicago blues style. The clean sound is as nice as a fender bandmaster and. The acousticbased delta blues guitar of mississippi formed the foundation for the electric guitar of chicago blues what most people think of when they think of blues guitar today. Blues from the perspective of chess records and chicago blues. In the 1920s and 30s memphis minnie, tampa red, big bill broonzy, and john lee sonny boy williamson were popular chicago performers. However, bands were minimal, usually bass and light drums. The chicago blues is a form of blues music that developed in chicago, illinois by taking the basic acoustic guitar and harmonicabased delta blues and adding electrically amplified guitar, amplified bass guitar, drums, piano, and sometimes saxophone, and making the harmonica louder with a microphone and an instrument amplifier.

Its a really cool sound, and after introducing you to a couple of key elements in this sound, ill demonstrate it with a chicagostyle backing track. The delta is a 30 watt amp so it has twice the output power of a blues jr. Not only did this certified blues man write 11 original tracks and play the drums for the album, but he also mixed and. What is now referred to as the classic chicago blues style was developed in the late 40s and early 50s, taking delta blues, fully amplifying it and putting it into a smallband context. The delta blues, the first magnetically recorded style of blues, comes from northwestern mississippi. Delta style blues mississippi louisiana blues, at the crossroads. Electric chicago blues was developed in the late 40s and early 50s, taking what was essentially delta blues, amplifying it, and putting it into a smallband context. Recordings are mostly one person singing and playing, while live shows involved bands more often. Chicago blues is an electric blues style of urban blues. Mississippi, specifically the delta region, has produced more blues men of enduring influence than any other place on the globe. Connect with chicago blues collectors across the globe and complete your collection. Whats the difference between chicago and delta blues. Delta blues is a classification in the rural type all to itself, often making use of open tuning so that notes can be made with a knife or bottleneck slide across the neck, giving the melody an eerie, whining sound.

Urban blues evolved from classic blues following the great migration, or the great northern drive, which was both forced and voluntary at times, of african americans from the southern u. The chicago blues is a form of blues music indigenous to chicago, illinois. Sweet home chicago chicago mississippi blues trail. Many delta blues artists, such as big joe williams, moved to detroit and chicago, creating a popinfluenced city blues style. They took their delta blues with them, but started using electric instruments, horn players, and jazzy harmony. Delta blues pioneer robert johnson recorded the classic blues shuffles dust my broom and sweet home chicago in 1936, and shortly thereafter, essential artists such as son house, muddy waters, howlin wolf, elmore james, john lee hooker and lightnin hopkins developed blues music, and the intricacies of the shuffle rhythm, to a. Like swamp blues, delta blues had its purpose, and that was escape from the hard work and long days, often speaking of these topics, and the wish to be free. The typical blues music employs more instruments than rock. Dont feel bad though, because its incredibly confusing. This was displaced by the new chicago blues sound in the early 1950s, pioneered by delta bluesmen muddy waters, howlin wolf and little walter, harking back to a delta influenced sound, but with amplified instruments. The great migration from the south to the promised land of chicago brought more african americans here from mississippi than any other state, especially during and after world war ii.

Topics were open and basiclove, loneliness, anger and sadness. Taking the basic guitar and harmonica lineup and fortifying it with drums, bass, and piano sometimes saxophones, the form created what we now know as the standard blues band. This is the kind of question that i live for on quora. The blues music made by these newcomers took on a new sheen as well, as musicians replaced their acoustic instruments with amplified versions and the basic guitarharmonica duo of delta blues and piedmont blues was expanded into a full band with bass guitar, drums, and sometimes saxophone. The chicago blues is a form of blues music developed in chicago, illinois. Chicago blues music expanded solos to use major scale vs. Chicago blues came about when over a million workers from the south migrated north to work at the factories in big cities like chicago.

This was the first form of blues to establish the standard twoguitar format, with one. Unraveling the mysteries of chicago and texas blues. When it got to such noisy places, all honking horns and grinding gears, the low moan of the blues. Muddy waters is hailed as the chicago bluesman who built a bridge between the acoustic delta blues and the. Difference between rock and blues difference between. Imo its full with fallacies and quite a naive, but very quick and easy way to gain basic understanding and ability to distinct between artists styles and influence. Various artists battle of the blues chicago vs oakland delta roots records. What is the difference between urban blues and rural blues. Basic delta blues were enhanced with electric guitar, bass, and piano, but with slightly less intensity.

What are the differences between deltanew orleans, memphis and chicago blues. The pioneers of the style played a key role in developing the market for traditional blues recordings in the 1920s and 30s, while the subsequent generation of deltaborn guitarists contributed to the rise of chicago blues, electric blues, and the folk blues revival in the postworld war ii years. The roots of the chicago blues lie in the mississippi delta and its rich blues tradition. Its also got a more jazzy flavor than standard blues and the band is bigger. Aside from the amplification, chicago blues reaches back to the delta for the harmonica, but even there, the harmonica is electrified, creating an exciting sound. Early recorded delta blues musicians include charley patton, son house, and robert johnson.

To begin, i have to clarify one incorrect assumption in how the question is asked. The best blues music clubs in chicago time out chicago. Aber weil begriffe wie chicagoblues oder countryblues als. Celebrate the chicago blues at some of the citys best bars and venues, where you can see legends and new artists carry on the 12bar tradition.

Youd be more likely to hear a horn player here than in chicago blues. Chicago blues south side, chicago big record companies made popular in europe especially u. The style of blues can be traced mainly from afroamerican folk music while rock music had bigger. King are considered by many to be the deans of the blues. Early delta blues artists include blind willie johnson, charley patton, willie brown and tommy johnson. Texas, delta, chicago and country blues have the same associations today among most of the basic description of blues subgenres. Electric chicago blues music genre overview allmusic. In its earliest form, the style became the first black guitardominated music to. The acousticbased delta blues guitar of mississippi formed the foundation for the electric guitar of chicago blueswhat most people think of when they think of blues guitar today.

Drummer, songwriter, and producer twist turner has worked for nearly six years on his latest project, battle of the blues. Delta bluesblues arising principally out of the mississippi delta not the miss. These subjects were sung about in an open setting with few people. Some of these artists would use a slide guitar to play which does have a distinctive.

It is based on earlier blues idioms, such as delta blues, but performed in an urban. The catfish blues as its most well known, originated first by a mississippi delta bluesman named robert petway in 1941, though the most famous line about wishing one was a catfish can be heard on record as early as 1928. Various artists battle of the blues chicago vs oakland. During the twentieth century, african americans undertook a great migration from the southern states to other areas of the nation to search for more prosperous futures. Louis blues was an urban pianobased blues thats largely died out. Muddy waters helped define the chicago blues sound. We suggest that you call to see what nights they have blues acts. Most of these recordings, from the late 20s through mid30s, feature solo performers who were often plantation workers playing slide guitars. Delta style blues mississippi louisiana blues, at the crossroads find the album here. I have the 115 delta blues and the tremolo was what won me over, it is in the classic series and is basically a classic 30 with tremolo. Delta blues is one of the oldest forms of the blues, generally it would consist of a voice and a guitar, with perhaps the occasional harmonica or footstomp. If youd like your students to gain an appreciation of the richness, complexity, depth, and pervasiveness of africanamerican culture in relation to the broader american culture, listen to music. The energy and raw intensity of the mississippi delta blues made a deep impression on young british musicians like eric clapton and the rolling stones, who.

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