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Bulova watches are not marked with names or identification codes that allow you to simply look at the watch and derive the model and age. Vintage bulova accutron railroad approved 10k gf mens m9 1969. Accutron movements, perhaps you already have experience in servicing the 214 accutron. The plated layer is very hard and able to resist attack far better than base metal and even stainless steel. Make offer vintage bulova accutron model 218 10k goldfilled watch one owner runs perfectly 6 vintage bulova accutron watches 218 and 2192. It just isnt getting any wrist time and i am not a collector, so it should go to a good home date coded n4, this is a caliber 214 tuning fork back set hacking movement, only available on the rr approved and astronaut models. However, the watch is in good condition, overall looks good and it has a new acrylic crystal. The accutron revolution accuracy through electronics. Accutron photo galleryaccutron repair restoration service. When did bulova make their last railroad approved quartz. Bulova also designed the 214 to not require full disassembly for a full service and cleaning. The case is marked bulova, base metal bezel, water resitant, stainless steel back, j 176718, n6 dating it to 1976. Our client base includes 17 countries, and every state in the us. The bulova accutron ii telluride showcases some great, classic inspiration, along with a few modern updates.

It has the bulova 214 tuning fork movement, which means the hand displaying seconds run smooth. I absolutely love the look of the early bulova accutron models. Since it had been so long since the watch was serviced however, i ignored that, and took the thing entirely apart for cleaning and inspection. Frequent setting of the accutron timepiece is not required because of its unusual accuracy. According to wikipedia this is the first wristwatch to be railroad approved in america. Before and after pictures of a bulova 214 railroad watch restored to new both inside and out. Nov 11, 2004 i havent yet seen a railroad approved quartz watch model with multiple hour hands e. Jul 25, 2015 other nuggets of information indicate that the railroad approved model is an accutron 202. Accutron kit four special tools have been designed by the engineering staff of the nulova watch company. Plating is the process of electrochemical bonding of gold and other precious metals to give the proper color and tone desired. Cleaned and adjusted movement, polished watch case. What immediately made the accutron 214s stand out anyway, regardless of dial preference, was the lack of the crown at the side of the watch.

Accutron watch repair professional bulova watchmakers. Bulova accutron 214 railroad watch restoration budget. The accutron had a guaranteed time keeping accuracy of within 2 secs a day 12min year. Larger than most all spaceviews and in a contemporary steel case. Crosstex broadens product portfolio with acquisition of accutron inc. But any watchmaker should be able to learn to service the accutron movement in a matter of. A mens bulova accutron, railroad approved, quartz water resistant wrist watch with gold tone base metal bezel, stainless steel back and speidel stretch band. The railroad approved is more about the design of the dial, seiko, citizen and pulsar still sell quartz watches with this design dial. Bulova watch identification guide waterstone watches.

Richard sent in this bulova accutron, and its a very nice one. When your 214 was new, its battery lasted for up to 14 months but depending on the current strength or weakness of your tuning fork magnets, your battery could fail in less than a year. To not have a correct model properly set was cause for disciplinary action. Outside case, movement, dial, case signature format bulova movement. White dial with black hands and numbers with a red seconds hand. If you hold it to your ear you can hear it humming. However, it has a tendency to be a few seconds slow, youll have to reset it every once. Since the setting crown is seldom used, it has been placed on the back of the accutron case. Accutron tuning forks are composed of nispanc, a temperaturestable nickel steel alloy in the elinvar family. It just isnt getting any wrist time and i am not a collector, so it should go to a good home date coded n4, this is a caliber 214 tuning fork back set hacking movement. Bulova accutron railroad approved on the dialcondition report. If by chance you are considering sending your watch to a person who services tuning fork accutrons, i highly recommend the ebay seller bassar2003. Lifting the setting handle to an upright position, using the fingernail see fig.

Other nuggets of information indicate that the railroad approved model is an accutron 202. For the classic styling, you just have to look at the watch to see it. Unfollow bulova accutron railroad watch to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. This is a used watch and the case has some scratches. Vintage bulova accutron railroad approved yet another.

Highperformance technology and enduring quality, following the bulova tradition. Vintage bulova accutron railroad approved yet another night. If possible, i would love to have two versions one with a dial such as the railroad approved and the more futuristic looking spaceview. The accutron revolution accuracy through electronics 19601977. Quite unusual, with the blue dial, and i really like it. Accutron welcomes chris wilson as eastern regional manager cantel medical acquires accutron, inc. However, it has a tendency to be a few seconds slow, youll have to reset it every.

May 17, 2012 bulova accutron 218 n6 railroad approved vintage wristwatch. A3097oor vintage bulova accutron, rare 218 railroad approved. After a full cleaning and reassembly, this railroad approved 214 was in action and ready to go for another 5. Our product, the flexbid modular burnin driver system, is based on our successful product range currently in use for over 10 years by one of the worlds largest semiconductor. They were the bulova railroad approved quartz wristwatch or the seiko railroad approved quartz wristwatch.

Our products division provides test and burnin systems to major multinational semiconductor manufacturing facilities and their integrators worldwide. Old father time is proud of its service history and is committed to preserving the highest standards of workmanship in the horological craft. Bulova accutron railroad motor quartz that button is odd indeed, was there maybe a gmt hand that. Bulova accutron 218 n6 railroad approved vintage wristwatch. I havent yet seen a railroadapproved quartz watch model with multiple hour hands e.

These tools are included in the new autho rized accutron service kit. The 214 calibre accutron is a watch that has the potential accuracy of better than 2 seconds per day, remarkable in its day and still better than most mechanical watches and many quartz even in 1998. All the watches have a threedigit designation except the astronaut and two spaceviews. Bulova accutron railroad approved, stainless steel case. It is a battery powered watch and it is running well. Bulova 214 railroad approved accutron, circa 1960s case. Quotations from second hand watches bulova accutron. Rare bulova accutron railroad dual time gents vintage watch. View and download bulova 98b118 settings manual online. Bulova watch identification guide bulova watches can be identified with a reasonable degree of certainty, due to the existence of a body of work gathered by collectors over the years. With this inherent accuracy, it is always seemed strange to me that the secondhand could not be easily synchronized to a time standard. It also protects the base metal underneath from corrosion and wear. Save bulova accutron railroad approved watches to get email alerts and updates on your ebay feed.

Bulova accutron railroad motor quartz i have a regular bulova quartz, i see them now and again on ebay, i am not sure about yours, send me a pm when you want to sell it i have a decent collection going. Rare bulova accutron railroad dual time gents vintage. Really just a quartz movement as opposed to a true accutron tuning fork movement. Offered in catawikis vintage watch auction no reserve prices. Bulova accutron watches are sought after by collectors and regardless of the lack of gold value, the one you have would attract interest, and i suggest you sell it as it is you could try a replacement battery to check that it works as any collector would prefer to sort out its problems themself rather than pay someone else they do not know to do the work. Enjoy free shipping and watch sizing, and monthly payments options. I repaired both of these 214s for customers who didnt know their history. Vintage accutron repair specialists bulova recommended for 25yrs. Outside case, movement, dial no crown case signature format bulova movement.

These are estate watches that have been stored for up to 30 years. Bulova produced the popular accutron line with the 360hz tuning fork movement for 17 years until. It takes years to train a watchmaker to repair an ordinary watch. Orologio bulova accutron railroad approved assegnato. In 1952, bulova watch company was one of the leading manufacturers of affordable indeed fine timepieces in america.

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