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Statement of fixation of pay in the higher gradeselection gradehigher secondary teachers hsstjrsof government schools. Existing option facility has been withdrawn for grade fixations vide g. Form 40 application form for advance for the purchase of cycle see chapter ix, article 245 a of k. Statement of fixation of pay in the higher grade senior grade selection grade years time bound higher grade sanctioned in g. This software is designed for both juniors and seniors. Certified thati have verified the service book of theincumbent and that the detailsfurnished above are correct. Even if there is a part of the aforesaid leave not counting for increment in a month.

Time bound higher grade for higher secondary teachers. Smartserials serials for cinema 4d unlock with serial keytitle says it all reply or pm me please will rep right awaycinema 4d. Select level 1 1800 gp level 2 1900 gp level 3 2000 gp level 4 2400 gp level 5 2800 gp level 6 4200 gp level 7 4600 gp level 8 4800 gp level 9 5400 gp. C form 11 chapter v, article 107 detailed countersigned contingent bill. Increment date is permanently changed when any leave not counting for increment availed, is ending in another month. Kerala service fixation of pay on promotion higher grade.

Tr 59 contingentgrant in aidscholarship bills download. Mar 03, 2019 aided school clerks who entered service before 29072006 do not need to qualify for the departmental test to declare probation and grant time bound higher grade. Lpup head masters will get 2 tbhg on completion of 8 years as hm or 28 years of service as lpsaupsa and hm taken together and another tbhg on completion of 20 years as hm. Pay fixation softwaretenth pay revision report hsslive. Mar 04, 2016 the pay revision panel, formed in 20, has recommended that the revised pay should be implemented with retrospective effect from july, 2014. It can also be used by govtaided teachers for any grade fixation.

Some clerical errors were noticed in the worksheet and the same were corrected. Higher grade and selection grade fixation software for hssts. Mar 25, 2011 sir, is there any ordercircular for getting me time bound higher grade for 8 years on completion of probation in govt. Jan 12, 2015 application form to apply for time bound higher grade to dept. Proposals for sanctioning time bound higher grade incorporation of check listinstructions cir. I do hereby agree to refund excess pay and allowances if any drawn by me in case it is found later that i have been paid such excess due to mistake in the grant of grade promotion or irregular fixation of pay. Application for time bound higher grade sahakary website. The existing option facility for time bound higher grade promotion is withdrawn with effect from 01022016. Kerala service rules 10 pay revision promotion from time bound higher grade to regular promotion posts fixation of pay option granted orders issued. Option for grade or promotion fixation rule 28a and 37a. Service consultant software for fixation analysis service consultant 2011final. Lower primary and upper primary teachers are allowed 3 tbhgs on completion of 8,15 and 22 years.

Thefixation on time bound higher grade promotion shall be done on the due date itself. Fixation of pay under rule 37a applicable to promotion higher grade post scale of pay minimum of which do exceeds rs. Fixation of pay in the revised pay structure as per rule 7 of central civil services revised pay rules, 2016. Grade fixation software download grade fixation software applicable only from feb 2016 onwards useful for fixing higher seniorselection grades admissible from 122016 onwards. Option declaration form to be submitted by employees during time bound higher grade promotion. Click the link to download the 10th pay revision report, govt order and pay fixation software2016 by safeeq m. This software is really helpful and reduced our efforts in the case of manual grade fixation. Sanctioning time bound grade to teachers non teaching staff higher. Determine the level in pay matrix using grade pay last drawn grade pay pertaining. Download various free software utilities for pay fixation. Hg scale to same or higher scale, promotion to identical scale are also incorporated.

Useful for fixing higherseniorselection grades admissible for the period from. Cinema 4d is the perfect package for all 3d artists who want to achieve breathtaking results fast and hasslefree cinema 4d r. Leave application form form spark enrolment form form no. Jun 18, 2018 as per this government order the pay of those who were promoted, during the period from 01072014 to 31012016, from the time scale of the 4th time bound higher grade equivalent to the post of junior superintendent hg on. Pay fixation softwares maths blog for school teachers. Multiply basic pay of employee as on 31st december 2015 existing basic pay by a factor of 2. A cooperative is defined by the international cooperative alliances statement on the cooperative identity as an autonomous association of persons. Pay revision 2014 revised house rent allowance to state government employees working at kerala house, kanniyakumari clarification. Sslc forms form ef form g leave application form form spark enrolment form form no. I had enjoyed in the earlier post was by virtue of a time bound higher grade which i was allowed on the basis of total years of service and this scale of pay of the time bound higher grade is not to be treated as the pay of the. I have received my first time bound higher grade and in the grade i have also received my 1st increment and my basic pay is 7650 as on december, 1, 2010. Epassproxkey token driver install in ubuntu ta final claim. Pay revision 2009 high school headmasters notional selection grade fixation.

So eventually you will not be able to download upgrades, just the binary you originally downloaded. Pension revision arrear software help file grade fixation higher grade selection grade software for higher secondary schools tds calculator 201617 to prepare anticipatory income tax statement for 201617 initial version pay fixation software pay fixation consultant software help file ps fml fonts and unicode converter. The regional deputy director concerned is the grade sanctioning authority for aided school teachers. The revised fixation rule will be made applicable for time bound higher grade promotion. Payment of wages during lockdown period due to covid19 time limit extended. I will not relinquish the regular promotion due after the grant of time bound higher grade promotion. Ta bill of gazetted officers tr47 new medical certificate as per rule1171a. Kerala service sanctioning of time bound higher grade. Dec 09, 2010 i am a police constable with a service of 10 years including training period. Still problem exists run it on a different machine or in a machine with ms office2007 or higher is installed.

No calculation needed to fix the pay with option of promotional or increment date. Pay pension revision 2014 chandrasekharan a, bhadra. Sir,grade fixation software kaanunnillallo in downloads. The revised fixation rule will be made applicable for time bound higher grade promotion due on or after 01022016. Google may block too many users at a time the links are connected. Grade fixation software download grade fixation software applicable only from feb 2016 onwards useful for fixing higherseniorselection grades admissible from 122016 onwards. Jan 29, 2018 7th cpc promotion and increment calculator.

Cooperation dates back as far as human beings have been organizing for mutual benefit. Revised pay fixation software 2016 is developed based on the pay. Kerala pay revision software shijoy new 2015 for 10th pay. Option facility for time bound higher grade has been discontinued w. Pay initially fixed on the date of promotion at the stage next above the actual pay drawn by him in the lower time. It may be noted that the our training period is not calculated for payment benefits. The file downloaded file from all the links are the same. Option form for time bound higher grade promotion download. Promotion from time bound higher grade to regular promotion. Pay fixation software by shijoy james for kerala water authority kwa 2016 staff ver1.

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