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Strategies for improving watershed governance introduction ecosystem management has growing support from practitioners, government officials, and researchers and has been utilized in a variety of settings to address a wide range of resource. Pdf integrated watershed management as an effective. Each kebele has institutional arrangements such as development teams comprising 335 households, and 5person labor. However its implementation has not been successful in most cases, due to various barriers. Other organizations have also played a relevant role in promoting watershed management planning in ethiopia in various regions and weredas.

Intergovernmental challenges of watershed management intergovernmental challenges of watershed management. Integrated watershed management iwm is one of the best strategies to halt soil degradation, thereby improving agricultural productivity. An assessment of integrated watershed management in ethiopia iwmi working paper 170 gebrehaweria gebregziabher, dereje assefa abera, girmay gebresamuel, meredith giordano and simon langan. Integrated watershed and environmental management 3 june 2015 2. Ethiopia has a history of watershed management initiatives dating back to the 1970s. Sep 03, 2016 this paper is aimed to evaluate the historical perspectives and present scenarios of watershed management in ethiopia. The opportunity ethiopia has a history of watershed management initiatives dating back to the 1970s.

A case study of the enabered watershed in northern ethiopia. Amhara regional agricultural research institute arari stakeholders workshop on enhancing communitiesadaptive capacity to climate change induced water scarcity in kabe watershed, south wollo zone wollo university, dessie, ethiopia, 2425 november 2011. Towards integrated watershed management in highland ethiopia. Factors affecting farmers participation in watershed. Ethiopia, among early adopters, has developed a water policy, legislations, and strategy per iwrm core principles. Apr 11, 2014 an integrated watershed rainwater management paradigm for ethiopia. Watershed management experiences in amhara region, ethiopia. The evaluation found that the crs iwm program has made significant positive changes in the lives and livelihoods of rural households. From the mid 1990s, water management was placed into the overall context of river basins and to examine the interlinking hydrologic, socioeconomic and environmental aspects of water management at multiple scales. Ethiopia ethiopia is a large country having 1 million hectares that is endowed with diverse climatic and physiographic condition, with a huge potential of water resource it accounts 122 bmc annual surface runoff and 2. Pdf an assessment of integrated watershed management in. In the southern nations, nationalities and peoples region of ethiopia, it has been implemented since 2011 by. Ethiopia managing water resources to maximize sustainable growth country water resources assistance strategy report no. However, considerable constraints are still in its way of realization.

Nile a new integrated watershed rainwater management paradigm for ethiopia key messages from the nile basin development challenge, 200920 nile bdc technical report7nile bdc technical report 3. Pdf on jul 1, 2008, zenebe admassu and others published spring management for integrated watershed management find, read and cite all. Data were collected from 215 farm households which were selected from the four villages using a multistage sampling procedure, involving a combination of purposive and random sampling. The ethiopian government has been implementing watershed management mainly through public campaign work. However, its effects have not been evaluated in many microwatersheds. Participatory, integrated, multistakeholder strategy combine 4 pillars of action. Evaluating watershed management activities of campaign work. Highpopulation pressure, highly variable and unreliable rainfall, and steep topography have accelerated the process of land degradation in the largely unprotected watersheds of northern ethiopia. Lakew desta, capacity building and networking advisor at tbiwrdp tanabeles integrated water resources development project,ethiopia, was one of the contributors to the guidelines.

The environmental regulatory context there is a formal environmental regulatory framework in ethiopia within which irrigation schemes must be developed and operate under the constitution of the country and the state regions. Abstract natural resource degradation is both a cause and a result of poverty in ethiopia. The first step towards a watershed management plan is an ea, which includes the selection, compilation and mapping of data on the watershed, with the aim to show its current environmental condition. Amarew final report amhara microenterprise development, agricultural research, extension and watershed management project in ethiopia july 2002 december 2007 report prepared by amarew project technical advisors virginia tech. Coinciding with the project launch, the ethiopia country office facilitated a consultative and planning workshop at the beginning of february with farmers, village and district administrators, development agents, district and regional experts, agriculture and nrm office heads, researchers and ngo epresentatives in wukro, tigray, for the enhancing integrated watershed management with climate. Watershed management is the integrated use of land, vegetation and water in a geographically discrete drainage area for the benefit of its residents, with the objective of protecting or conserving the hydrologic services that the watershed provides and of reducing or avoiding negative downstream or groundwater impacts darghouth et al. Integrated watershed management at bahir dar university. Ethiopias national communitybased watershed management.

Authors personal copy overcoming limited information through participatory watershed management. Although there have been several efforts regarding investments in watershed management interventions in ethiopia, comprehensive impact assessment of these interventions are limited. Hydrology, water supply, participatory methods, economics, watershed modeling, gis and writing thesis based on new field research addressing the challenge in addition three highly qualified lecturers became phd students and took in ithaca 1 year of courses they are now leaders of masters program. This study investigated factors affecting farmers participation in watershed management programs. Chapter 9 towards integrated watershed management for resource conservation. Watershed management is not the new concept of the country because it had highly experienced indigenous peoples those have been practiced from an ancient period. However, by 1 980, it was consolidated and marked t he. Intergovernmental challenges of watershed management.

Integrated watershed management as an effective approach to curb land degradation. Thapa encyclopedia of life support systems eolss 1. The key points on irrigation watershed management is to handle water yields in stream for maintaining optimum quantity, quality, and flow regime in order to readyuse for irrigating, self. However, there are evidences that farmers who combine several watershed. International water management institute iwmi working paper 170, colombo, sri lanka. Iwmi works in partnership with governments, civil society and the private sector to develop scalable agricultural water management solutions that have a tangible. This paper focuses on the conceptual evolution of watershed management within the context of. Experiences from participatory integrated watershed m ugent biblio. Scaling up an integrated watershed management approach through. It is now widely accepted that water can be efficiently managed within a river basin or watershed catchment. Environment assessment and watershed action planning. Assessment of sustainable watershed management approach case study lenche dima, tsegur eyesus and dijjil watershed a project paper presented to the faculty of the graduate school of cornell university in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of master of professional studies by tesfaye habtamu may 2011.

Keeping these in view the study entitled watershed management in highlands of ethiopia. Venkatesan programme officer and team leader, dhan foundation, 18 pillaiyar koil street, s. Basic concepts watershed a watershed is defined as any surface area from which runoff resulting from rainfall is collected and drained through a common confluence point. Historical perspectives and present scenarios of watershed. However, in ethiopia, governmentfinanced watershed programs targeting private.

The implications of watershed management for reversing land. Linking land tenure and integrated watershed managementa. An integrated watershed rainwater management paradigm for. An assessment of integrated watershed management in ethiopia iwmi working paper 170 gebrehaweria gebregziabher, dereje assefa abera, girmay. Principles of participatory, integrated watershed management 2. Stakeholder involvement in sustainable watershed management. Ethiopia and the wfp merged farmers priorities with technical specifications for watershed and soil management. For several decades, integrated and sustainable watershed management has been suggested and tried in several countries in the world, as an effective way to address complex water and land resource challenges. Communitybased watershed management could be a signi cant factor in helping the government achieve its aim of making agriculture the driving force of economic development in ethiopia.

Proceeding of the national workshop in integrated v watershed management on gibe omo basin organizers of the workshop phe ethiopia consortium phe is a nonprofit making local ngo that provides coordination and capacitybuilding to 48 member organizations and actively involves in communication, networking, research, advocacy and. Watersheds are separated from each other by water divides. Proceeding of the national workshop on integrated watershed. Integrated watershed management for ecosystem balance. Participatory integrated watershed management yemenwater. Tamil nadu, india abstract the early watershed development programme in india launched in the year 1974 and the subsequent. Managing water resources to maximize sustainable growth. This study evaluates watershed management activities and its socioeconomic and biophysical role. Initially, the project was smaller in scope and scattered. Pdf role of watershed management for reducing soil erosion in. Farmers awareness and perception of lake ziway ethiopia. Overcoming limited information through participatory.

An assessment of integrated watershed management in ethiopia. Better land and water management are critical to improvement of human well being in the droughtprone ethiopian highlands. Evaluation of watershed development plan and technology. Farmers awareness and perception of lake ziway ethiopia and its watershed management hayal destaa,b. Mar 16, 2012 watershed management experiences in amhara region fentahun mengistu dr.

The catholic relief services country office in ethiopia commissioned a study in april 2009 to evaluate outcomes from its integrated watershed management iwm strategy and program. Integrated watershed management experiences in eastern and. Scaling up an integrated watershed management approach. Scaling up an integrated watershed management approach through social protection programmes in ethiopia. A new integrated watershed rainwater management paradigm for. Watershedlandscape management for multiple benefits and.

The consortium approach for integrated watershed management. Comprehensive impact assessment of watershed management. Community based participatory watershed development. Unesco eolss sample chapters human settlement development vol. Therefore it is important to include watershed management into efforts to reduce poverty and food insecurity in the country. Comparing the monitoring and evaluation systems of watershed. The districts agricultural and rural development office merged the soil bunds and. Integrated water resources management iwrm has been a dominant paradigm for water sector reform worldwide over the past two decades. Farmers decision to adopt watershed management practices in. Apr 30, 2018 this study investigated factors affecting farmers participation in watershed management programs in the northeastern highlands of ethiopia by taking the teleyayen subwatershed as a case study. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext.

In a fourpart presentation, he shares ethiopias experiences with communitybased participatory watershed development, with case studies from around the country. Ethiopia ethiopia is a large country having 1 million hectares that is endowed with diverse climatic and physiographic. Watershed approach to conservation and development a repeatedly raised question by policymakers and planners is why should a watershed. As a result, huge investments have been made by international and national organizations in watershed management interventions since 1980s. Brhane gebrekidan chief of party and senior research advisor, dr. Watershed management practices have been implemented to avert land degradation. The concept of integrated watershed management iwm the watershed of a particular point on a stream is an area which contributes water to that point in the stream. Evaluation of watershed development plan and technology adoption level of farmers in amhara region, the case of swhisa project, ethiopia solomon addisu1, goraw goshu2, yihenew g.

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